Textile RFID Solutions

Our partners at TexTrace have just released a short video which shows just how their technology works to provide proven security enhancement, brand protection and stock and logistics control using woven RFID technology.

Your brand label is sewn onto the garment, bag or accessory early on and stays with it throughout its life cycle. Integrate RFID and the label will provide added value from garment manufacturing through logistics to sales and after-sales management.

Additional tags or labels for theft protection and identification are unnecessary. Since it is sewn-on, your RFID label cannot fall off and deters unauthorised removal.

RFID in your brand label means cost reductions along the entire value chain, incremental sales and higher margins, as well as increased customer satisfaction.

Brand label from TexTrace

Sewn on label

  1. Sewn on brand label
  2. Encapsulated RFID chip with protective pad
  3. High-performance antenna yarn

To watch the video, just go to TexTrace here or click directly on the image

Action through RFID

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