access control

access controlRFID has long been used as an electronic key to control who has access to office buildings or areas within office buildings.

medical and pharma

pillsDrug management systems, medical item inventory, secure and reliable delivery...

asset tracking

asset trackingIt's no surprise that asset tracking is one of the most common uses of RFID.

inventory control

shirts on a railRFID has proved extremely effective at improving inventory control for retailers, and the same benefits can be brought to other industries.


securityDespite some concerns about privacy, RF and RFID technology remains a key tool in the fight against theft. We can advise on asset security, loss prevention, tamper evidence, product and document security.

warehousing & logistics

warehouseThere are several possibilities for how RFID technology can be utilized in warehouse and distribution centers, in concert with existing systems and other data capture technologies.

container tracking

shipping smallContainers come in all shapes and sizes.  Saving time on manual checking and administration can save your business $millions.


library applications

RFID is a proven technology in library applications.