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Developments in RF, RFID and EAS technology are bringing us closer to the time when such devices can serve a multitude of security roles. Devices have been used as security seals and tags for a number of years. The very latest benefits are being actively measured in improved retail inventory counts.

You will find that when retailers build a business case for deploying RFID, they often start with the improved inventory accuracy that the technology can deliver. Rapidly they realise another value lying in the benefits of accurate data - the benefit of reduced shrink.

rfid on clothingIn April 2012, American Apparel reported a 75% reduction in shrink in some of its RFID enabled stores (source RFID 24-7). The average reduction, in store was 55% on 1 million pieces of apparel per month.

Utilizing item-level RFID, alone or integrated into other EAS systems, has proven to deliver fuller, more intelligent data on every stolen or lost item than other loss prevention solutions available. This is because RFID provides end to end security. Measuring the entire supply chain can provide key information allowing stores and suppliers to identify dishonest employees.

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