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complete-access-controlState-of-the-art security technology

Assets need to be protected everywhere - whether in business, public authorities, or private homes.

Different systems are needed to give full protection.

  • access control and burglar alarm systems against unauthorized access,
  • fire protection systems against damages coused by fire
  • CCTV systems for the visual monitoring of rooms and areas.

Action through RFID offers the latest in Sesam state-of-the-art technology to cover the whole range of security- from single components right up to complete systems.

Action through RFID

specialises in helping their clients choose the right technology for their application.

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Organised locking

Whether security systems for private homes with just a few doors or across buildings for enterprises with thousands of employees,  our systems and components meet all requirements that organised locking faces today. They protect assets, deny access by unauthorised persons, and specifically safeguard dangerous or sensitive areas.

Our partner, Sesam is a leading German security system supplier. Our product range spans the whole range from components such as RFID readers, keypads, biometrics (fingerprint) and/ or video camera to intercom equipment through to complete access control systems including certified interfaces to burglar alarm systems.

Highest security standards

Our hardware and software modules integrate rapidly and with next to no effort via standard protocols – and they are ideally suited for integrators and resellers to build comprehensive security systems with them. Our systems meet the stringent German security standards for access control and intrusion technology (VdS, BSI, and BHE approved) – and they represent the cutting edge internationally of robustness, reliability, and most advanced technology. Developed at various locations in Germany, volume products and custom modules featuring exclusive designs and materials are manufactured by our specialists.

Expert support

Specialising in technology “all round the door”, we offer:

  • Highest quality: Sesam products comply with the stringent German security standards (VdS, BSI, BHE)
  • Flexibility: a comprehensive choice of technologies, designs, and protocols
  • Open technology: Sesam components can be integrated in third party systems rapidly and easily
  • Scalability: in numbers of persons, doors, buildings, and features
  • Expertise: in-house development development and production as well as experienced service and support

Complete access control systems

Apart from its reader and operation devices, Action through RFID also provides other high-quality electronics and software for admission control and security , including complete systems.

Sesam ISE+ combines access control with an interface to an alarm system in a single module – a perfect bridge to intrusion technology. Your customers want transparency, security, and convenience? Our advanced, electronic locking systems put an end to the chaos and risks of mechanical keys. Authorisation can be granted rapidly, flexible and very selectively (groups, areas, times) with the help of software, and can be withdrawn within seconds if the need occurs (for instance, when a card is lost).

ISE+ is the heart of Sesam’s access control system:

This innovative control unit is a self-contained access control system and an interface to burglar alarms all in one, making it an ideal, efficient connection between Sesam access control and our customers’ intrusion technology. The ISE+ control module is certified; it satisfies the stringent provisions of German security authorities and associations (BSI, VdS) and so establishes Sesam as a technologically leading supplier.

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Using standard interfaces (even TCP/ IP), ISE+ control units can be integrated into burglar alarms and parameterised easily and reliably. At the same time, Sesam sets a new standard in user friendliness and efficiency with the associated Windows software.

Authorisations can be handled extremely flexibly per group, per time span, and/or for specific events, all with minimal effort in time and cost. Detailed reports provide the user with full insight into all coming and going in buildings or individual areas.