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pharmacyThere is a growing recognition that the huge cost and IP involved in new drugs and medicines means that the focus on drug safety and complete accountability really gives RFID an edge over other technologies. Many of the applications of RFID in the medical and pharma industries are similar to those in other industries, such as stock control, transport and warehousing and delivery, but add to this a role in ensuring prescriptions are accurately delivered to the right patients and an increasing use in combating drug counterfeiting and you can see why these products are so attractive to the industry.

Action through RFID can help you to achieve these benefits for your customers:

  • The reduction and elimination of medical mistakes because of the accuracy of your data.
  • Better inventory management, leading to greater safety during operations, and traceability of emergency equipment.
  • Reduced inventory costs because everything is accurately accounted for.
  • Drug safety through proper authentication and anti-counterfeiting measures
  • Patient identification, using wrist and ankle bands to oversee, patient movement, prescription matching and medication tracking
  • Accurate tracking of fluids, tissue and other samples in the lab.
  • Drug recovery in pharmaceutical trials.





Now that the tags, themselves, can be made small, they have become useful in many spheres:

  • Lab samples
  • Wristbands
  • Patient ID
  • Medical inventory
  • Drug inventory management
  • Authentication and anti-counterfeiting

Pharmaceuticals, lab samples, wristbands and other medical equipment can be tracked and traced, and data entry can be automated. This automation produces real benefits in the elimination of medical mistakes.

Item level tagging and the provision of unique id's can ensure the safe delivery of drug regimes to patients. Embedded tags in surgical instruments limit the risks of accidentally leaving instruments inside the patient.

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