container tracking


container tracking

The right use of RFID saves you and your business money by letting you know precisely where your goods are and when they get there. Payback comes from the improvements in efficiency which come from being able to track them precisely and from the reduction in losses that come from trying to find missing inventory. Imagine the effect on your bottom line of being able to run your business on less containers simply because you know where they are!

Containers and active tag technology.

Active tag technology involves bringing together data storage, a battery and transmission capabiity. This gives RFID tags which can be tracked from up to 300 feet away. Applied with good systems, you can accurately know the location of your goods, whether they are in the warehouse or are in transit. The tags can also be used to monitor traffic and be sure the goods arrive in a timely manner.

How does this work?

Active tags containing data about the contents are mounted on the container. Portable and fixed mount readers can gather the information transmitted by the tags and new information can be written to the tags when the contents change.

Special data transmission protocols allows for the rapid, collision-free reading of many stationary or mobile tags simultaneously in a particular area. This means much lower costs in picking and identification, while the minimal power usage allows tag operation for up to 7 years on the same battery.

With the proper setup, information about quantity, location and status of the contents of an individual container can be available in real time. On-line notification can be provided for production units ahead of time. Wastage, delivery errors and mistakes in loading are almost non-existent: search, idle, and downtime belong to the past.

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Using quiet technology, tags can be completely "quiet" unless the reader tells them to reply, so thousands of tags can occupy the same read zone, and anti-collision means they can all be read simultaneously.

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