RFID technology questionnaire

  1. The Application 
    1. Is passive RFID the answer or do you need active tag technology?
    2. Does the reader go to the tag or the tag come to a fixed reader?
    3. How far away is the tag going to be from the reader?
    4. Do you need a combination of barcodes and RFID for different parts of the solution?
  2. Reader Technology
    1. What frequency tags will you be reading? - HF, LF or UHF
    2. How many tag id's does it need to store?
    3. How will it communicate? - WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Serial
    4. How will it plug in? - USB, compact flash, SDID?
    5. How important is read range sensitivity?
    6. If you are reading many tags at once, what are the anti-collision needs?
    7. Do you need to be able to write to the tags as well as read them?
  3. Tag Technology
    1. What are you attaching them to? - plastics, wood, metal, mixed?
    2. How will you attach it?
    3. What size limits do you have?
    4. What are the temperature/humidity requirements?
    5. What are the other environmental considerations - dust, chemicals, magnetic flux?
    6. How rugged does it need to be?
    7. Do you need your tags plain or printed?
    8. Do you need to read and write? - If so, why and how little or much information do you need to provide?
    9. Do you need to match an existing tag specification?
  4. Hand Held Readers
    1. Do they need dual RFID/barcode capability?
    2. Do they need a camera?
    3. what is the keyboard requirement?
    4. What is the screen requirement?
    5. How will you retrieve data from them?
    6. Do they need integrated GPS?
  5. Systems
    1. Where and how do your tags and readers fit into your systems?
    2. Where do they fit into global (other peoples' systems)
    3. What reports and outputs do you need?